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5 Most Common Questions

twoverte is free to download for your mobile device through your preferred app store. All functionality is completely freeIt requires only an internet connection via WiFi or mobile data, so data rates may apply.
Of course. Mobile payments is an opt-in/opt-out feature that you must connect to a digital wallet to activate it. twoverte is meant to be a useful and intuitive multipurpose messenger regardless of whether you intend to use the payment feature. Note: to use twoverte for transactions the receiving individual or merchant must be payment enabled, too.
At this point in time, twoverte is only available for iOS and Android. However we are updating the app all the time with new features and capabilities, which you can read about in our newsletter.
Unlike end-to-end encrypted chats, twoverte does not send your messages through a centralized server. Chat histories and files live only on the participating devices and travel through the VerteChain network. This means that your information is only accessible by you on your mobile device and is never stored anywhere else, for any period of time. For more info on twoverte security, click here.
VerteChain is a distributed ledger that supports the twoverte application. VerteChain was specially designed to support data-heavy applications for e-commerce businesses. It is the robust and scalable peer-to-peer network that maintains security, privacy and speed on twoverte. Read more here.

Features Questions

Send messages to friends, family and colleagues on the P2P VerteChain network using your WiFi connection or mobile data.
twoverte includes free voice and video calls with up to X people. Its decentralized network supports calls from devices anywhere in the world. Same as the messaging, twoverte calls use your phone’s internet connection
Create groups to make plans, share files, split expenses or simply keep in touch no matter where you are.
twoverte lets you share files up to ### MB. Whether it’s an work document or a need-to-share photograph, you can securely send it directly in your chat.
Link your digital wallet to twoverte to enable no-fee, direct and secure payments to friends, family and merchants without the use of third party processors or external servers.
twoverte seamlessly connects to the myverte marketplace, allowing users to pay for purchases through the app. Through dedicated brand channels, twoverte also serves as a portal for customer service, product reviews and consumer feedback.

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