Simple. Serverless. Secure messaging.

twoverte is the first of its kind. A simple, cryptographically secure messaging app powered by blockchain technology and available for mobile.

Secure by Design

twoverte was engineered for security and privacy. Built on the VerteChain network, the twoverte app is completely decentralized and serverless. This means all communication data is stored securely on your device, not on an external server.

Multipurpose Platform

In addition to instant messaging, the twoverte app supports voice and video calls, group chat, file sharing and no-fee P2P payments to friends and merchants. twoverte is also seamlessly integrated with the myverte marketplace, where users can pay through the app.

twoverte for Businesses

Strong customer relationships are built on communication. Through brand and product channels on the twoverte app, businesses can engage customers directly to provide support and answer questions with an easy-to-use interface.

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Free and Secure Messaging Built on Blockchain